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Golf Guys Online Your DIY Golf Events

Golf Guys are here to make your life easier.  We have you covered from your next golf day, hole activation, registration gift, golf tour or even a Mobi G golf cart.  The online site allows you to check out the latest trends from the comfort of your own environment.

Golf Guys have partnered with On Par Online Store your one stop shop for all your golf event needs. Let us save you time and money!

Golf Guys Event Management

We pride ourselves on saving you time and money. We offer the entire event management service for only 6.5% of your total budget. This allows you to continue with what you know best and for us to do our thing, which is to represent you in delivering the a top quality event for you and your clients.

We have been managing golf events and tours for over 15 years. Call us to see how we work.
For more info call Sean: 082 354 9719