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Pitchfix® Golf & Course Tools

Worlds Best Divot Tools and Golf Accesories

The products that Pitchfix® design, the research that Pitchfix® conducts to test ideas and the service that we provide for customers is all driven to provide the best products that Pitchfix® can for golfers and to be good for greens and golf.

Pitchfix®'s passion for the game inspires us to find ways to help protect the traditions and spirit of the competition but use technology and science to help maintain the wonderful course conditions that play such a large part of our enjoyment of the game.

A balance of style and function.

Good design is in our DNA

Pitchfix®'s use materials and manufacturing techniques that feel good in your hand. The surface of our items the ergonomic grips and shapes when held and the satisfying way that our buttons and levers feel and sound when pressed all combine to make the unmistakable feel of a Pitchfix® product.

You don’t have to see Pitchfix® to recognise the brand. Anyone who has ever pressed the button on our switch-blade repair tool will recognise the satisfying sound and sensation as the tool opens and the resistance of the spring when reloading.

The strength in the steel prongs in Pitchfix®'s repair tools as they enter the surface of a green and the satisfying interaction with the turf. These sensations are present through our range of products; the sounds and feel of the Greenkeeper Pro as the Repairtec prongs pierce the green surface, the magnetic connectors on our ball markers and hat clips that make you feel like you’re flipping chips at a casino table, the sound of the cap clasping the Aquabrush are all unmistakable sensations associated with our designs and our commitment that you can see, hear and feel.

Style without function is like creativity without purpose. Pitchfix® tools and accessories look great but perform even better.

Designed by professional golfers, Pitchfix®'s design lab is led by a passion to produce unparalleled performance in our products. Pitchfix®'s propriety designs, often mimicked by cheaper alternatives contain design characteristics and specifically chosen materials to provide best in-class performance and durability from lightweight, easy to use and convenient bodies. We test rigorously in the factory and the course with experts in their field to ensure our design works for the people who intend to use them. Pitchfix® also work tirelessly with the officials of the game at the R∓A and the USGA to legitimise our designs and gain authentication of them to help promote and affect the laws and spirit of the game.

For the good of the game.

And finally our DNA is based firmly in our remit to help protect our course conditions and the clubs that provide us with our great game. That’s why we create ‘in-the-shop’ ranges that golfers want to buy and want to receive as gifts which provide golf clubs with commercial opportunities that help contribute to their financial prosperity and our on- the-course’ ranges that help greenskeepers, course superintendents and course owners to use our tools to increase efficiencies in their daily course maintenance routines and make it easier for players and green keeping professionals alike to help maintain the wonderful conditions that make our game so great.